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Last modified: Nov Twenty-one, 2017

Faculty & Staff

Michael LoweOfficePrincipal
Carolyn BrownOfficeSecretary
Marija Crosson103AEarly Literacy Specialist
Kathleen LoughlinK-3Head Start
Regina PlunkettK-3Head Start
Hillary YoderK-1Kindergarten
Cheryl CabinK-2Kindergarten
Melissa Ranieri101First Grade
Julia Watts102First Grade
Patricia Lee105Second Grade
Irene Klein106Second Grade
Carmela Cantone109Third Grade
Kimberly Jones110Third Grade
Diane Lanahan2084 Reading/SS
Robin Jacobs2064 Mathematics/Science
Randi Grimes2105 Mathematics/Science
Mindy Cohen2115 Reading/SS
Ashon Washington2026 : Math
Karen Brinkley2036 : Literacy
Diane Lowe make meals Powers1037 -- Astrosynthesis hack Ramos2047 : Literacy
Michael Hennessey2058 - Mathematics
Justin Curry2018 -- Societal Studies
Special EducationRoomGRADE/SUBJECTS
Emily Lanigan108Autistic Help support (K-2)
Gayle Keyes212Autistic Aid (3-5)
Cortney D'Orsane111Learning Help support K-3
Elizabeth Richards209SEL/Learning Assist 4-5
Stephanie Hannon200ALearning Support 6-8
Specialist TeachersRoomGRADE/SUBJECTS
Christina Kimmel6Art
Andrea HaganGymPhysical Education
Rebecca Brown200Digital Literacy Teacher
Nicholas D'OrsaneMusicMusic
Hugh Williamson (Monday)MusicInstrumental Music
Agnes Lowe make meals (Thursday)MusicInstrumental Music
Student SupportRoomTitle
Sean Gray107Dean in Students
Susan GilbertSchool Psychologist
Stephanie Strauss100School Nurse
Marsha Weiford107Counselor
Stephani Ostroff100ASpeech Pathologist
Paulette Johnson3AOccupational Therapist
Sheila Armstead Paige3APhysical Therapist
Lee Ann Gordon100AVisual Inable Therapist
Denise Jones106SSA
Classroom Assistants/1:1'sRoomGRADE/SUBJECTS
Glendell Howard212Paraprofessional
Carla Gaffney101Paraprofessional
Sebrina Williams1Paraprofessional
Zakia Jones202Paraprofessional
Rene Manning212Paraprofessional
Venessa Mills212Paraprofessional
Gale Mizrachi205Paraprofessional
Elaine Perrett212Classroom Assistant
Karen Simon102Paraprofessional
Ayesha Talley108Paraprofessional
David Fritz201Paraprofessional
Cheryl Watson108Classroom Assistant
Building SupportRoomGRADE/SUBJECTS
Terry Thomas1Bus Assistant
Betty Taylor2Bus Assistant
Annette JohnsonCafeFood Services
Mary Ann SmithCafeStudent Local climate Staff
Gina BirkmireCafeStudent Local climate Staff
Andrea CaldwellCafeHead Beginning Healthy eating plan Asst
Bryan SmithBuilding Engineer
Rashan LindsayCustodial Assistant
Theresa ButlerCustodial Staff
Kevin AllenCustodial Staff
Giselle EasleyCustodial Staff

lowe cook

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