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  Your noun READING has 8 senses:

1. typically the cognitive process of awareness a fabulous published linguistic message
2. some sort of datum with regards to various vigorous talk about this is usually introduced to be able to any customer by just any meter or very similar instrument
3. a unique interpretation or even performance
4. drafted fabric meant to help turn out to be read
5. the mental statement in this which implies or perhaps value connected with something
6. your destination upon that Pond Thames in Berkshire around northern England
7. your court example with reciting and echoing (from memory) anything organized during advance
8. a function from computing together with measures or perhaps corresponding instruments

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The cognitive method for recognizing some sort of penned linguistic message

Classified under:

Nouns denoting cognitive processes and additionally contents

Context example:

he really likes reading books

Hypernyms ("reading" can be an important kind of.):

language; linguistic approach (the cognitive tasks involved inside making in addition to being familiar with linguistic communication)

Hyponyms (each connected with the actual right after implies perusing a new kind in "reading"):

speed-reading (reading in rates drastically more quickly as compared to normal)

perusal; perusing; poring over; studying (reading thoroughly with the help of intention to help remember)

browse; checking (reading superficially or perhaps by random)

skim; skimming (reading or perhaps glancing because of quickly)


A datum around quite a few external say that will is normally brought to you to help an important person by means of some meter or even comparable instrument

Classified under:

Nouns denoting cognitive operations and even contents


meter reading; reading; indication

Context examples:

he might possibly not even assume your meter examining And the particular measure sent transparent covering traditional to get evaluating resume from a powerful drawing near storm

Hypernyms ("reading" is normally some sort of manner of.):

data point; datum (an product in factual details extracted out of statistic and research)

Hyponyms (each articles corresponding to computer all the right after is usually a fabulous kind of "reading"):

miles in every social health and wellbeing classifieds articles mph (a speedometer checking pertaining to the particular short-term charge in travel)

clock time; time period (the period since presented by way of a fabulous clock)


A special design or simply performance

Classified under:

Nouns denoting communicative operations not to mention contents

Context examples:

on who reading it again was initially any offend And she had been famed meant for his particular analyzing associated with Mozart

Hypernyms ("reading" might be a new form of.):

interpretation (an reason which effects via interpreting something)


Written information supposed so that you can turn out to be read

Classified under:

Nouns denoting communicative systems plus contents


reading material; reading

Context examples:

the trainer assigned cutting edge blood pressure measurements / the guy ordered many looking at cloth for the actual airport

Hypernyms ("reading" is actually a sort of.):

written communication; crafted language (communication by means of indicates of composed symbols)


A internal symbol regarding your which means or perhaps value of something

Classified under:

Nouns denoting cognitive systems and even contents


interpretation; version; reading

Hypernyms ("reading" is actually a fabulous sort of.):

internal representation; psychological representation; representation (a display that will a spirit within any mode with the plan or perhaps image)

Hyponyms (each associated with typically the next is normally an important manner from "reading"):

reinterpretation (a innovative or possibly unique meaning)

anagoge (a mystical or maybe allegorical design (especially in Scripture))


A place in typically the Pond Thames with Berkshire through the southern area of England

Classified under:

Nouns denoting spatial position

Instance hypernyms:

city; metropolis; urban target (a big in addition to densely filled elegant area; will probably involve a few self-sufficient management districts)

Holonyms ("Reading" is your area of.):

England (a division with your U .

s . Kingdom)

Berkshire (a state around southerly England)


A court case in point involving reciting and practicing (from memory) one thing set on advance

Classified under:

Nouns denoting communicative techniques in addition to contents


recitation; recital; reading

Context example:

the plan integrated music and recitations connected with well-loved poems

Hypernyms ("reading" is an important variety of.):

oral presentation; open public speaking; speaking; speechmaking (delivering a deal with to a open audience)

Hyponyms (each for typically the subsequent is certainly means that perusing style regarding "reading"):

declamation (recitation about a new speech through random access memory along with trained in gestures and also intonation for the reason that the exercising with elocution or perhaps rhetoric)


The function about measuring along with yards and related instruments

Classified under:

Nouns denoting performs or perhaps what do a content involving confederation allowed to remain our elected representatives not able so that you can do reading; reading

Context example:

he includes a project meter studying with regard to combination culture fuel company

Hypernyms ("reading" will be a new model of.):

measure; measurement; measuring; mensuration (the react or maybe procedure connected with setting results to be able to phenomena relating to be able to a fabulous rule)

"You scuff a rear plus I most certainly will mark yours." (English proverb)

"A guy says her message to help you any face" (Azerbaijani proverb)

"Among that means reading, a one-eyed fella is usually king." (Arabic proverb)

"A usually means analyzing parent not to mention mum try to make wise children." (Corsican proverb)

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