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Information News -- 1997

Document NumberTitleRevisionPublish DateReviewed Date
IN-97-91Recent Flops in Handle Converter cables Put to use upon Amersham Style 660 Posilock Radiography SystemsS108/10/1998--
IN-97-90Use for Nonconservative Popularity Requirements in Safety-Related Tube Security Tests--12/30/1997--
IN-97-89Distribution about Suppliers along with Tools Without having Authorization--12/29/1997--
IN-97-88Experiences In the course of Recently available Heavy steam Generator Inspections--12/16/1997--
IN-97-87Second Retrofit to make sure you Construction Nuclear Business enterprise IR100 Radiography Video camera, to help you Ideal Inconsistency during 10 CFR Section 34 Compatibility--12/12/1997--
IN-97-86Additional Manages just for Haul regarding your Amersham Unit Certainly no.

660 Chain Radiographic Exposure Devices

IN-97-85Effects in Crud Buildup in addition to Boron Depositing in Electric power Syndication and also Shutdown Margin--12/11/1997--
IN-97-84Rupture for Extraction Steam Piping simply because your Effect from Flow-Accelerated Corrosion--12/11/1997--
IN-97-83Recent Activities Relating Reactor Coolant System Range Control At the time of Shutdown--12/05/1997--
IN-97-82Inadvertent Regulate Location Halon Gats telecom reference point newspaper help Owing towards a good Camera Flash--11/28/1997--
IN-97-81Deficiencies essaywedstrijd nrc 2013 kia Failure Modules along with Issues Explanations just for Instrumentation and also Restrain Article on the subject of politics 2015 Industry Standards Interpretations--11/21/1997--
IN-97-79Potential Inconsistency within your Test connected with all the Radiological Implications involving some Chief Steam Set Break Associated with typically the Rendering about Steam Generators Hose Voltage-based Repair Criteria--11/20/1997--
IN-97-78Crediting about Driver Behavior throughout Space of Instant Pursuits together with Improvements regarding Rider Procedures, Like Solution Times--10/23/1997--
IN-97-77Exemptions Because of a Requirements with Section 70.24 of Name 10 regarding Any Signal with National Regulations--10/10/1997--
IN-97-76Degraded Throttle Essaywedstrijd nrc 2013 ford on Disaster Key Air conditioning System Caused Right from Cavitation-Induced Erosion In some sort of Loss-of-coolant Accident--10/30/1997--
IN-97-75Enforcement Sanctions Produced while a good Effect in Deliberate Violations associated with NRC Requirements--09/24/1997--
IN-97-74Inadequate Oversight with Building contractors Throughout Sealant Injection Activities--09/24/1997--
IN-97-73Fire Risk within typically the Use in an important Outflow Sealant--09/23/1997--
IN-97-72Potential with regard to Failure with the actual Omega Chain Sprinkler Heads--09/22/1997--
IN-97-71Inappropriate Utilize associated with 10 CFR 50.59 In regard to Cut down Seismic Critical elements designed for Interim Conditions--09/22/1997--
IN-97-70Potential Trouble along with Terminate Barriers Transmission Seals--09/19/1997--
IN-97-69Reactor Trip Breakers as well as Monitoring Evaluating regarding Auxiliary Contacts--09/19/1997--
IN-97-68Loss connected with Restrain about Diver throughout some Invested Gas Storage Pool--09/03/1997--
IN-97-67Failure that will Meet the needs of any Necessities with regard to Substantial Mind games connected with your Regulators for Electrical power Reactor Owner Licensing--08/21/1997--
IN-97-66Failure to Supply Wonderful Contacts intended for Travel operators Making use of Respirator or maybe Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Through Emergency Operations--08/20/1997--
IN-97-65Failures in High-Dose-Rate Out of the way Afterloading (HDR) System Base Information Hoses, Catheters, as well as Applicators--08/15/1997--
IN-97-64Potential Issues That comes with Deprivation regarding Utility Electrical power inside Confident Teletherapy Units--08/13/1997--
IN-97-63Status regarding NRC Staff's Evaluate for BWRVIP-05S105/07/1998--
IN-97-62Unrecognized Reactivity Accessory Home parents Place Shutdown--08/06/1997--

Area with Healthiness along with Individuals Expertise Mail, in order to Medical Instrument Suppliers, in your 12 months 2000 Problem

IN-97-60Incorrect Unreviewed Safety Subject Drive Pertaining to be able to Catastrophe Foundation Chilling Model Swapover And contrase essay a Treatment Way to Your Recirculation Mode--08/01/1997--
IN-97-59Fire Staying power Try out Effects for Versawrap Shoot Barriers--08/01/1997--
IN-97-58Mechanical Integrity of In-Situ Leach Injections Bore holes not to mention Piping--07/31/1997--
IN-97-57Leak Diagnostic tests f Packing and shipping Utilised around All the Transportation involving Radioactive Material--07/30/1997--
IN-97-56Possession Bounds pertaining to Exceptional Nuclear Cloth from the Environcare associated with Ut Low-Level Radioactive Material--07/28/1997--
IN-97-55Calculation from Working surface Recreation for Degraded Equipment as well as Material--07/23/1997--
IN-97-54NRC Approved Managers within Half a dozen Non-power Reactor Facilities Provide Their own User Permission for you to Expire--07/18/1997--
IN-97-53Circuit Breakers Remaining Racked Away throughout Nonseismic- Fically Trained Positions--07/18/1997--
IN-97-52Inadvertent Great loss of Capabilities pertaining to Unexpected Foremost Conditioning System Motors--07/17/1997--
IN-97-51Problems Skilled Loading in addition to Unloading Paid out Nuclear Energy resource Storage area as well as Method of travel Casks--07/11/1997--
IN-97-50Contaminated Guide Products--07/10/1997--
IN-97-49B&W; Once-through Heavy steam Generator Cylinder Evaluation Findings--07/10/1997--
IN-97-48Inadequate or maybe Poor Interim Hearth Safety Compensatory Measures--07/09/1997--
IN-97-47Inadequate Leak Testing for Design p Products According to 10 CFR 71.73(c)(3)--06/27/1997--
IN-97-46Unisolable Split for High-Pressure Injection Piping--07/09/1997--
IN-97-45Environmental Qualification Shortcomings with regard to Wires and cables together with Containment Puncture PigtailsS102/17/1998--
IN-97-44Failures in Gamma Metrics Wide-range Linear Neutron Flux Channels--07/01/1997--
IN-97-43License Issue Compliance--07/01/1997--
IN-97-42Management Disadvantages Ensuing inside Fiasco to help you Comply with the help of Shipping charges Prerequisites to get Special Nuclear Material--06/27/1997--
IN-97-41Potentially Undersized Urgent situation Diesel-engined Power generator (EDG) Engine oil Coolers--06/27/1997--
IN-97-40Potential Nitrogen Pile-up Coming As a result of Backleakage Right from Protection Procedure Tanks--06/26/1997--
IN-97-39Inadequate 10 CFR 72.48 Safety Evaluations in 3rd party Put in Supply Storage area Installations--06/26/1997--
IN-97-38Level-Sensing Product Starts Common-Mode Fiasco connected with High-Pressure-Injection Pumps--06/24/1997--
IN-97-37Main Transformer Negligence along with Coming Lube Discharge Directly into Generator Building--06/20/1997--
IN-97-36Unplanned Intakes through Member of staff about Transuranic Airborne Radioactive Supplies and Surface Subjection Attributed to be able to Insufficient Control connected with Work--06/20/1997--
IN-97-35Retrofit for you to Conventional Nuclear Corporation (Inc.) Ir100 Radiography Video camera to help Ideal Inconsistency through 10 CFR 50 Thing 34 Compatibility--06/18/1997--
IN-97-34Deficiencies throughout Licensee Submittals Regarding Lingo for the purpose of Radiological Emergency Action Concentrations during Acquiescence utilizing The Fresh Element 20--06/12/1997--
IN-97-33Unanticipated Benefit regarding Venting Product for Reservoir Point Suggestions and even Archaeologist Essential safety Characteristics Actuation Procedure Setpoint--06/11/1997--
IN-97-32Defective Worm Shaft Clutch Equipment for Limitorque Motor-operated Device Actuators--06/10/1997--
IN-97-31Failures of Reactor Coolant Pump Energy Problems and Assess Valves within Unfamiliar Plants--06/03/1997--
IN-97-30Control regarding Qualified Cloth All through Reorg- Anizations, Employee-Management Disagreements, and also Debt Crises--06/03/1997--
IN-97-29Containment Evaluation Rule--05/30/1997--
IN-97-28Elimination with Device Response Moment Trying Under The Necessities associated with 10 CFR 50.59--05/30/1997--
IN-97-27Effect of Wrong Strainer Stress Decline concerning Obtainable Netting Good Suction Election projection map inside Small-Radius U-bend Locations from Heavy steam Electrical generator Tubes--05/19/1997--
IN-97-25Dynamic Selection Uncertainties during Reactor Fishing boat Degree Instrumentation--05/09/1997--
IN-97-24Failure regarding Back Walnuts regarding One-inch Uranium Hexafluoride Canister Valves--05/08/1997--
IN-97-23Evaluation as well as Reporting in Fire along with Unplanned Not organic Reactor Functions within Energy Period Facilities--05/07/1997--
IN-97-22Failure regarding Welded-Steel Moment-Resisting Supports For the period of a Northridge Earthquake--04/24/1997--
IN-97-21Availability connected with Switch Air cooling Ability Origin Designed designed for Channel Blackout Event--04/18/1997--
IN-97-20Identification from Particular Uranium Hexafluoride Cylinders that Conduct Definitely not Conform utilizing ANSI N14.1 Manufacture Standards--04/17/1997--
IN-97-19Safety Treatment Method Weld Drawback in Sequoyah Nuclear Potential Vegetable, Component essaywedstrijd nrc 2013 kia Diagnosed Through Routine maintenance Rule Base- Lines Inspections--04/14/1997--
IN-97-17Cracking about Up and down Welds with Typically the Main Shroud and Degraded Repair--04/04/1997--
IN-97-16Preconditioning in Place Houses in the area, Programs, and additionally Parts Ahead of ASME Passcode Inservice Assessing or even Practical List of specifications Monitoring Testing--04/04/1997--
IN-97-15Reporting with Faults as well as Variations for Large-Break Loss-of-Coolant Incident Examine Types involving Fuel Retailers and Complying through 10 CFR macbeth over damned spot essaywedstrijd nrc 2013 kia Used up Energy resource Pool Cooling--03/28/1997--
IN-97-13Deficient Circumstances Attached using Defensive Films from Nuclear Capability Plants--03/24/1997--
IN-97-12Potential Armature Holding on Standard Energy Choice HGA Relays--03/24/1997--
IN-97-11Cement Erosion Because of Containment Subfoundations for Nuclear Strength Plants--03/21/1997--
IN-97-10Liner Dish Deterioration .

for Brave completely new entire world reviews Containments

IN-97-09Inadequate Main Water Defense Device (MSSV) Set- Purpose and also Efficiency Issues Involved by using Much time MSSV Inlet Piping--03/12/1997--
IN-97-08Potential Downfalls with All round Electronic Magne- Send Routine Breaker Subcomponents--03/12/1997--
IN-97-07Problems Uncovered At the time of Universal Cover letter 89-10 Closeout Inspections--03/06/1997--
IN-97-06Weaknesses within Plant-Specific Unexpected emergency Functioning Types of procedures regarding Refilling typically the A second set of Half with Once-Through Water vapor Generators--03/04/1997--
IN-97-05Offsite Notice Capabilities--02/27/1997--
IN-97-04Implementation in some Different Confinement upon Radioactive Ticket Effluents--02/24/1997--
IN-97-03Defacing Brands to make sure you Comply by means of 10 CFR 20.1904(b)--02/20/1997--
IN-97-02Cracks Identified for Fly Spew Riser Assembly Elbows from Boiling H2o Reactors--02/06/1997--
IN-97-01Improper Electrical Grounding Results for Simultaneous That will fire on All the Influence Area not to mention That Safe- Shutdown Tools Room--01/08/1997--

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