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Another word for scattered



What can be a further term designed for scattered?

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[ skˈatəd], [ skˈatəd], [ s_k_ˈa_t_ə_d]

Definition just for Scattered:

Synonyms for Scattered:

  • adj.

    expanded (adjective)few (adjective)scattered (adjective)spotty workplace newssheet write-up ideas (adjective)
  • adv

    somewhere (adverb)
  • n.

    scattered (noun)
  • v.

    deranged (verb)
    • mislaid,
    • cluttered,
    • disarranged,
    • tousled,
    • disheveled,
    • Whipped,
    • Tossed,
    • jumbled,
    • Hashed,
    • fermented,
    • disturbed,
    • roiled,
    • confounded,
    • deranged,
    • Messed,
    • botched,
    • disorganized,
    • perturbed,
    • disordered,
    • discomposed,
    • Mussed,
    • Whisked,
    • upset,
    • Rummaged,
    • Displaced,
    • rumpled,
    • Capsized,
    • Meddled,
    • Churned,
    • Convulsed,
    • ruffled,
    • Swirled,
    • agitated,
    • rippled,
    • confused,
    • Tumbled,
    • scrambled,
    • misplaced,
    • Tampered,
    • dislocated,
    • blurred,
    • mixed way up muddled,
    • roughened,
    • troubled.

      another phrase for the purpose of scattered

    dispersed (verb)scattered (verb)
    • dissolved,
    • Disintegrated,
    • Diverged,
    • evaporated, jobs special message pathologist,
    • Evanesced,
    • diffused,
    • Doled,
    • Radiated,
    • Refracted,
    • disconnected,
    • Disbursed,
    • detached.

  • Other synonyms:

    sparse squandered

Paraphrases regarding Scattered:

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  • Equivalence

  • Independent

    • Adjective
      fragmented, decentralized, separated, diffuse, patchy, distinct, piecemeal, odd-job, varied, frequent, disjunct, decentralised, dispersive, disaggregated, miscellaneous, disseminate, segregated, unfastened, Covered, spread out, informal, for sale.

    • Verb, last participle
      reallocated, clustered, redistributed, circulated, specified, categorised, Displayed, separate, distracted, telecast, summarized, differentiated, designated, advertised, dissipated, prepared, message, broadcasted, Interspersed, allocated, proliferated, guided, Gone, Credited, Displaced, practised, Aggregated, based, promulgated, littered, set up, showed, randomized, Proclaimed, publicised, disconnected, situated, was given, Disbanded, Looked at, Prorated, appointed, sent, maintained, Transferred, classified, Liquidated, Disbanded, sent to, amortized, televised, divided, fled, disposed, mailed, Granted, Integrated, publicized, subdivided, utilized, cracked, arranged, contributed, Provided, distinguished, in all places, partitioned, given, spread out, stranded, Duplicated, furnished, an additional the word just for tossed, Fled, thrown backwards, shared, satisfied, Excised, aired, Sold, Transported, posted, Averaged, devoted, included, realigned, Encased, Leaked out, little, paid, inserted, Dispelled, planted, over heard, budgeted, produced, Channelled, put, Transferred, separated, speckled, Paid for, left, Delivered, Leaking, assembled, Announced, Supplied, ringed, Stationed, posted, CODED, taken care of, experienced, Deemed, Spanned, Transported, somewhat, Displayed, located, handed, removed, fragmented, grown, perform, fitted, garage, decentralized, out of the way, sonata recall, diffused, varied, disaggregated, Insulated.

      another text intended for scattered

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Antonyms designed for Scattered:

  • adj.

    • Other antonyms:
      deliberate, thoughtful, systematic, systematized, put-together, advised, continual, regular, orchestrated, realistic, frequent, sometimes, prepared, nonrandom, aware, frequent, placed, coherent, methodical, daily, long-standing, purposeful, predetermined, established, obtained, willful, orderly, started.

Homophones intended for Scattered:

  • siddhartha, sideward, storeyed, starred, bathe, steward, strad, Sed Pace, swagger, starry-eyed, shattered, sequestered, path, striate, stair-rod, stirred, stouthearted, get started, starwort, get started outside, sweetheart, Satyridae, struthio, storied, stewart, siderite, aspect andhra college or university dissertations certificate, coast trout, soaked, gait, sisterhood, shuttered, strait, straw baseball hat, sightread, secure, stuart, coastal starwort, setterwort, sight-read, friday, area landscape, steroid, sagittariidae, sequestrate, stairhead, skid path, southward.

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