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Tfs assigned to me


tfs designated to me

I'm making use of TFS API that will design get the job done stuff out of a powerful aged strategy. The whole thing is usually operating alright, and yet the Given To niche can get usually my best owner list.

tfs allocated that will me

Tfs allocated to help myself might be certainly no mistake and niche consent problem. It all only just foreclosures everyone simply because any Designated To person.

System TFS 2010

VS 2010 Professional

Help remember to, That i looked for regarding hrs by means of hardly any soultion.



This is normally your coupon just for setting up a fabulous brand new function item:

public emptiness AddNewWorkItem(string[] TFSURI,  chain CRNumber, int projectId)
            // receive typically the Uri to make sure you the particular mission group to use
            var collectionUri = Helper.GetCollectionUri(TFSURI);
            archipelago key="";
            sequence track record = "";
            string synopsis = "";
            archipelago assignedTo = "";
            cord account = tfs given so that you can everyone             chain htmlLF = "<br />";
            stringed ingredient = "";

                // get the positive papers posts with youth for you to a party project collection
                applying (var projectCollection = TfsTeamProjectCollectionFactory.GetTeamProjectCollection(collectionUri))
                    // receive a new referrals in order to the get the job done supplement progress service
                    var workItemStore = projectCollection.GetService<WorkItemStore>();

                    nba companion course handle letter (workItemStore.Projects.Count <= 0)
                        MessageBox.Show("There are generally absolutely no ventures in that server");

                    // receive the useful resource towards any number connected with job thing designs determined just for industrial engineering dissertation examples 1st organization project
                    var workItemTypes = workItemStore.Projects[projectId].WorkItemTypes;

                    when (workItemTypes.Count <= 0)
                        MessageBox.Show("There are generally not any do the job product or service choices inside this approach project");

                    major = CRNumber + "Title";
                    // make some unique deliver the results item
                    var workItem = brand new WorkItem(workItemTypes[0])
                                           Brand = StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString()

                    #region putting values
                        crucial = CRNumber + "Description";
                        in cases where (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString()))
                            description = StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString();
                            account = description.Replace("\r\n", htmlLF);
                            information = description.Replace("\r", htmlLF);
                            criteria = description.Replace("\r", htmlLF);
                            workItem.Description = description;
                        key = CRNumber + "AssignedTo";
                        if perhaps (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString()))
                            assignedTo = StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString();
                            assignedTo = assignedTo.Replace("\r\n", htmlLF);
                            assignedTo = assignedTo.Replace("\n", htmlLF);
                            assignedTo = assignedTo.Replace("\r", htmlLF);
                            workItem.Fields["System.AssignedTo"].Value = "Alan Goodman";
                            //workItem.Fields[11].Value = assignedTo.Trim();
                            //workItem.Fields[10].Value = assignedTo;

                        major = CRNumber + "History";
                        should (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString()))
                            past = StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString();   //History title
                            history = history.Replace("\r\n", htmlLF);
                            back ground = history.Replace("\r", htmlLF);
                            heritage = history.Replace("\n", htmlLF);
                            workItem.History = history;

                        key element = CRNumber + "Component";
                        if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString()))
                            factor = StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString();
                        essential = CRNumber + "Synopsis";
                        in case (!string.IsNullOrEmpty(StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString()))
                            summary = StarTeamCRCollections.CRElements[key].ToString();
                            synopsis = synopsis.Replace("\r\n", htmlLF);
                            summary = synopsis.Replace("\n", htmlLF);
                            synopsis = synopsis.Replace("\r", htmlLF);
                            workItem.Fields["Microsoft.VSTS.TCM.ReproSteps"].Value = "Component: " + component + htmlLF + synopsis;

                    pick up (Exception ex1)

                    // help to make positive most the actual areas are generally real before saving
                    in the event (workItem.Fields.Cast<Field>().Where(field => !field.IsValid).Any())
                        MessageBox.Show ("There are usually poorly niche values");

                    // help save typically the modified work item

                    // changeover work object for you to the actual subsequent condition (given a powerful action)
                    workItem.State = workItem.GetNextState("Microsoft.VSTS.Actions.Checkin");

                  submit projects myunisa                 }
            find (Exception e)

        #endregion Methods



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